Kids Martial Arts

World Class Kids programs that build confidence


Heart pounding, calorie burning Strength, Boxing and Interval classes

Adults martial arts

Adults Taekwondo, MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing. Train for fitness, fun or fights

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Martial Arts Classes

The Story Centre offers world class Martial Arts Training in Epping. Our Martial Arts classes in Epping are renowned for their transformative effect on our students. We build black belt minds in a convenient location with world class coaches and programs.

Kids Martial Arts

Adults Martial Arts

Adam Meyers is an industry leader in both teaching standard and skills. His ability to bring out the best in his students, both young and old, is brilliant.

Paul Veldman

Story  Fitness

Our professionally designed Fitness programs burn body fat, build strength and increase muscle tone.

Story Fitness Programs are run by Coaches with Elite Sports experience and offer a varied and exciting workout that changes daily.

SoStrong classes bolster overall strength and build tight, lean physiques in a community and family friendly environment


STRIKE Boxing is a combination interval class with kickboxing rounds all timed on a bag with a professional coach. Sweating, smiling and burning.

SoFast Classes are all about heart pumping intervals, short rest periods and total body sweat!

The Story Experience

The Story Centre puts the Student Experience above all else.

Thats what makes us so different. This isn't about us, it's about you. It's about how far you can go, what you can achieve, what you can become training with us.

We offer a clean, professional and friendly environment. At the end of every session you will feel revitalised, knowing you worked hard and will reap the rewards.

Hard work pays off!!__A podium in Korea

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