Adults Martial Arts

Taekwondo/ MMA

Adults MMA and Taekwondo

Our Adults MMA Classes in Epping influence the lives of younger and older adults alike. This program is about showing Adults that they are never too young or too old to achieve anything. 
Think of this class as an all in one. 

Adults learn how to deescalate situations, avoid confrontation and defend themselves if absolutely necessary. We encourage our Adults to become active and confident leaders in their own lives all via martial arts training and working towards your Black Belt.

Starting something new later in life is sometimes confronting, however, in our Epping martial arts school we believe the best day to start is today! 


Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art that traditionally focuses on kicks however our Modern Taekwondo program has removed the traditional choreographed forms and replaced them with Kickboxing skills, BJJ Grappling Techniques and MMA combat skills to create a well rounded and complete martial artist. 

2/59 Willandra Drive, Epping

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