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How to choose the Martial Art for you

Have you ever been to a restaurant and looked at the menu for so long that you end up not feeling like anything?

That is exactly how I felt in 2007 when I started Martial Arts. So much choice, so many styles and schools and teachers. The facilities didn't vary much and the coaches seemed all the same, X degree black belt, Super Cup World Champion of Japan, 35 years experience yada yada yada.

With an influx of information it's easy to be confused. The best martial arts schools aren't the same anymore, Melbourne Martial Arts schools have evolved in the last 15 years and it is pretty easy to see where you should and shouldn't go. My Martial Arts School in Epping, The Story Centre, has world class Taekwondo and MMA Training. If that isn't for you then there are a few other great options too. Some people prefer Karate, some like Kung Fu, some don't know the difference. So how do you choose the best martial arts school in Melbourne?

Ask yourself what you want.

If you love memorising things, doing repetitive movements and following strict traditions then choose a school that has those things, the best way to learn is to ask.

At my martial arts school in Epping we focus on classroom confidence, building people up and making them believe that anything is possible. Taekwondo as a martial art doesn't have a lot of contact, so we counter balance that with combative martial arts like MMA and Wrestling (Olympic, not John Cena).

At The Story Centre our mission is to change peoples lives through the transformative benefits of martial arts training.

If Taekwondo, MMA or Wrestling isn't for you please still get in touch with us. I am happy to refer you to another club in the area that can meet your needs, I believe that everyone should benefit from martial arts training. Whether it's at my martial arts school in Epping or elsewhere.

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