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Kids Martial Arts


4-6 Year Olds

Story Martial Arts Dragons Program builds classroom confidence in early primary school aged children. This program also prepares your child for the rigours of our Juniors program whilst beginning their athletic development journey, creating strong and healthy bodies.


Dragons are challenged with more complex skills, games and obstacle courses that will create strong neurological connections between their brains and bodies, ensuring that your Dragon becomes athletically prepared to succeed in all sports as well the confidence that comes with a straight back and a smiling face.


Juniors Taekwondo

7-12 Year Olds

Story Martial Arts Juniors Taekwondo program exposes developing bodies to true strength, health and postural development while teaching important self defence and self control skills


Taekwondo Students learn goal setting, determination as well as the importance of healthy living and their education. These future High School standouts become ‘bullyproof’ within our modern Taekwondo program. Your child will learn how to protect themselves and their families in a safe and friendly environment. 


Our Juniors Taekwondo program builds resilient, skilled and confident leaders here at Story Martial Arts, at school, home and in the community.