Look AMAZING and Boost your CONFIDENCE with our

UNDEFEATED 8 Week Challenge


This is what you get:


  • 8 weeks of Story Fitness Classes

  • Challenge only excursions

  • Weekly weigh-ins

  • 24/7 support group online

  • Before and after photos

  • Nutritionist Consult

  • Access to discounted MyMuscle Chef meals

  • MyMuscle Chef high protein snack pack

  • 2x Evolt360 Body Scans


No Obligation to stay on.

*Start Training Now, Pay Nothing until May 2nd*

"All Classes are beginner Friendly and PT Led. This means you get the results you are after without the pressure of not knowing what you are doing"

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I've never felt healthier or more confident in my life. The workouts kick my butt and are modified for beginners. I love the changes to my body and to my lifestyle"



Move some big weights, build a STRONG, resilient and lean body.

Story Fitness Timetable

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All Challengers will also have access to the gym outside of Class Hours!

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*Start Training Now, Pay Nothing until May 2nd*